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Amperometric Chlorine Sensor MCN1.1 - Made in Germany

Product Detail Information

Chlorine Sensor CN1.1

Checks for the absence of chlorine in drinking water in order to protect equipment; sensor inspection interval up to 4 weeks.
Our new amperometric sensor to verify the absence of free chlorine.

Sensors for the measurement of chlorine normally need a minimum concentration of chlorine to "stay alive", or better, to preserve the calibration for a long term. Such sensors are not suitable for a measurement in chlorine-free water.
Our Sensor CN1.1 is the solution!
This amperometric sensor was developed to indicate the appearance of chlorine in water or to indicate an exceedance of the chlorine limiting value. This Sensor CN1.1 is used in medical applications, e.g. dialysis, as well as in potable water applications.

Product description:
• Measurement: NaOCl (sodium hypochlorite),Cl2 (chlorine gas), electrolytically generated chlorine,
• Examination: by means of analytic determination of chlorine by DPD 1 method. Calibrate the sensor with chlorinated water, establish a separate measurement circuit if required,
• Interferences: ClO2, O3, bound chlorine may increase the value measured, reducing agent may cause slope loss,
• Resolution: 0.001 ppm,
• pH range: 6.5 ... 9,
• Pressure range: 0 ... 0.5 bar, no pressure surges and/or fluctuations,
• Temperature range: 5 ... 40 °C
• Integrated automatic temperature compensation,
• Response time: T90 approx. 2 min,
• Flow rate: approx. 30 l/h, low flow dependence,
• Shaft length: standard 175 mm, mA version 220 mm,
• Connection: standard 4-pole plug, M12 male,
• Material: PVC-U, PEEK, stainless steel 1.4571, microporous membrane

Areas of application:
• Check for the absence of chlorine in water

Scope of supply:
• CN1.1: sensor, membrane cap, electrolyte